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Parking Map


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Parking information as of August 15, 2013

Student Parking Areas

  • UC Decal (Undergraduate Commuter): Surface lots 5, 6, levels one, two, and four of the Lot 7 Parking Garage, and Lot 17.
  • GC Decal (Graduate Commuter):  Surface lots 5, 6, levels one, two, and four of the Lot 7 Parking Garage, and Lot 17. After 4:00 pm (Monday-Friday, no weekends), during the regular academic year, graduate students with a valid parking decal and TCNJ ID card may gain access to Faculty/Staff lots.
  • Lot 7 “RA” Decal (Metzger Drive Parking Garage): Eligible residents of the Pennington College Houses and Student Apartments with a valid “RA” decal may park on the ramp from the second to third level as well as the entire third level.
  • Lots 11 & 13 “RS” Decal (Travers/Wolfe and Decker/Cromwell Parking Garage): All other residents (including those in the Apartments and Pennington Houses who are unable to obtain a Lot 7 decal) will have full access to both garages, but not the designated Faculty/Staff spots.
  • Overflow for Residents: If a resident cannot find space in their usual parking garage, he or she may park in the row of residential spaces in Lot 8 (the Administrative Services Building).

Faculty/Staff Parking Areas

  • Lot 1:  Faculty/Staff – Armstrong garage upper level
  • Lot 2: Faculty/Staff – Armstrong garage lower level
  • Lot 4: Faculty/Staff – Lot in front of AIMM
  • Lot 8: Faculty/Staff – Administrative Services Building
  • Lot 10: Faculty/Staff – First level side of T/W garage
  • Lot 12: Faculty/Staff – Packer lot
  • Lot 14: Faculty/Staff – Flat lot behind Decker/Cromwell garage
  • Lot 15: Faculty/Staff – Maintenance Building
  • Lot 16: Faculty/Staff – Eickhoff Hall
  • Lot 18: Faculty/Staff – Forcina garage lower level

Undergraduate student parking is prohibited in faculty/staff lots AT ALL TIMES, seven (7) days per week.  Graduate student parking in faculty/staff lots is available on weekdays after 4:00pm only (regular academic year only) with purchase of a valid GC decal.

Weekend Parking

Fridays at 4pm through 9pm on Sundays Lots 4, 5, 6, 7*), 10 (Travers/Wolfe), and 18 (Forcina) parking lots are available for students and guests to the College.

**Visitors can park in Lot 7 until 10am Mondays without needing a parking permit.

Please Note: Between December 1st and March 30th of every year, parking is not allowed between midnight and 6am on the tops of the parking garages or on flat lots. If you will be visiting/on campus during a weekend, please park in Lots 7, 10, or 18 between midnight and 6am. This rule is in effect regardless of weather conditions at the time.

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