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Parking Services is committed to providing The College of New Jersey campus community with efficient customer service and the best possible solutions to meet your transportation needs. This site will help you find the information you need to make parking on campus easier.

Parking Services and the Division of Administration would like to remind all faculty, staff, and students that they are required to park in the lot(s) to which they are assigned at all times. Parking in a lot or space without proper decal or pass can result in ticketing and/or towing.

Please also be reminded that an upraised parking gate is not an indication that parking is permitted and the use of hazard lights or flashers does not authorize parking in front of a building or in any designated space.

Decal Ordering

An email will be sent to the TCNJ community toward the end of July indicating that decal ordering for 2014-2015 has started. Please see below for instructions on how to use the ordering system, CARS.

Parking System
The college has a web-based parking system called Campus Automobile Registration System (CARS). This system allows students, faculty, and staff to order decals online, print out a temporary dashboard permit so you will automatically have a valid permit, as well as monitor and/or appeal parking citations.

A training video on how to use CARS can be found here: Ordering Decal Demonstration

Summer Parking

Starting on May 1, 2014 at 5:00pm, ticketing for “lack of valid decal” ONLY will be suspended for the upcoming summer.  Students may park in any student lot without a decal from this date forward until next semester. All Faculty/Staff lots remain as parking for Faculty/Staff only.

All other parking offenses not related to “lack of valid decal” will continue to be enforced and lots patrolled as usual by Campus Police.


Please see the Parking Services menu (across the top of the page) for additional information on parking. You may also email your questions to the Parking Manager at: or call 609-771-3144 or 609-771-2172.